About us

Since the year 2000, at Solbi Mural we have been dedicated to the distribution and conversion of adhesive tapes, as well as other industrial adhesives.

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We currently work with the main manufacturers worldwide, so that we can offer a wide range of solutions to your requirements.

We have a wide variety of single-sided adhesive tapes (packaging tapes, krepp tapes, polyester tapes, covering tapes, aluminum tapes, reflective and/or photoluminescent tapes,…) as well as double-sided adhesive tapes ( transfer tapes, acrylic, foam tapes, film supports,…).

We are specialists and we could serve you the product tailored to your needs. Choosing width, thickness, footage and even the final shape of the selected adhesive piece. (adhesive die-cuts)

Our technical team is always looking for innovations that can optimize your production processes in a creative and innovative way.

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