Last May, a small delegation from SOLBI MURAL visited the Netherlands to visit the facilities of our friends and collaborators from the Multifoil company.

It was a very instructive visit, where they showed us the offices, warehouses and assembly areas, as well as the manufacturing processes for their tapes.

They are responsible for many of the products we offer in our catalogue.

In particular, and as the most relevant product, we have Antidust tapes for cellular polycarbonate, which we have already presented on other occasions, and which you can see in our post:

They also took advantage of the occasion to show us many new features, which we will recount below:

  • High performance double sided tapes
  • High tack double sided tapes
  • VOID, anonymous and personalized security labels and seals
  • Aluminized tapes
  • Adhesive foams

This visit has served to strengthen relations between Solbi Mural and Multifoil, from which we hope that fruitful business options will continue to emerge.

Thank you Multifoil friends!

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