Polyurethane protective bumpers are mainly used as heavy-duty bases, bumpers and spacers on a wide range of objects.

They absorb both vibration and noise and can be glued to all types of surfaces.

Each protective bumpon is made of the highest quality polyurethane. This provides excellent protective and anti-slip properties.

Adhesive bumpers are available in transparent, black or white. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes: hemispherical, flat and square.

Another advantage of using a bumpon adhesive protective stopper is that it is easy to apply. This avoids the need for troublesome drilling and riveting and also makes adhesive buffers much quicker and more cost-effective.

Among the many possibilities of use are the following


Furniture production

Universally used in the furniture industry as dampening, noise reduction and shock absorption in drawers and doors.

They are also often used under glass shelves to prevent them from slipping.

Decorative objects

Very useful as scratch protection for surfaces where metal vases, trophies, sculptures, etc. are placed.

Electronics and medical devices

Widely used as anti-slip feet and spacers in all types of electronic devices for music/audio equipment, telecommunications, medical industry, and small household appliances. Allows heat dissipation when the device heats up.

Glass Industry

It is used as adhesive anti-slip spacers in the glass industry to prevent movement and to take on shock and vibration.

It is also regularly used in the kitchen on chopping boards, drinks coasters and glass furniture in hotels and homes.

Electrical appliances

Stabilises and prevents equipment slippage. Facilitates heat dissipation.

Advantage over similar manufactured products (commercial rubber categories) polyurethane buffers will not mark the surface on which they are fixed (also known as silicone adhesive buffers).

Applications in the automotive industry

It is used to prevent squeaks, vibrations and noises inside vehicles.

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