Double-sided tissue tape. The backing of these double-sided adhesive tapes is a non-woven fabric made of paper fibres.

Double-sided cellulose tapes are available with adhesives: hotmelt, rubber or solvent-based acrylic for more demanding applications.

The product is very easy to apply, both manually and automatically.

Its thickness would be between 0.07mm and 0.16mm, and its width could vary according to each requirement.

These would be some of the most common applications:


Double-sided cellulose adhesive tape

These tissue tapes are mainly used for gluing folders, sample books, catalogues… and also for the footwear and clothing industry, etc.

Cellulose adhesive tape for high temperature resistance.

Used in the manufacture of paper or cardboard reels.

Double-sided adhesive tape TNT

TNT or non-woven is used for adhesive bonding of foams, felts, rubbers, packaging protectors …. and also for boat sails, fabrics and rough materials.

Repulpable double-sided adhesive tape

They are used to splice paper rolls on the fly, e.g. in newspaper presses.

Our repulpable tapes are available in various sizes, and with a low thickness they achieve high levels of instant adhesion, very necessary for the bonding of continuous paper rolls.

In addition, the striking colour of these tapes enhances the visibility of the splice so that it can be removed and reused.


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