Adhesive tapes and products for the agricultural sector

On this occasion we would like to make a small summary of all adhesive tapes for agricultural repair tapes and other tapes for application in the primary sector.



  • Greenhouse plastic repair tape made of polyethylene (PE), in transparent colour, in various sizes and thicknesses.
  • Anti-heat tape for the assembly and protection of greenhouse plastics at their junction with metal.
  • PE plastic repair tape, white, for repairing and closing bales and packages.
  • Repair tape for reservoir type plastics, black.


Tapes and products for production and end-of-line packaging

  • High molecular weight sliding tapes (UHMW), for chains and product processing lines, e.g. pistachio nuts, pine nuts, dried fruits, etc.
  • Adhesive handles for bundling.
  • Adhesive labels, with or without laser engraving.
  • Numbered security ties, e.g. for marking special pieces, hams, etc.
  • Packaging tapes, and tape dispensers for closing bags.
  • Plastic bags with ZIP closures in different sizes, suitable for food use.


General tapes for garden work

  • Strapping tape, for tying or bundling different types of plants and vegetables in need of staking, such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, flowers and plant branches.
  • Copper tape in various sizes, as a slug and snail repellent.
  • Self-sealing tape, for sealing small water leaks.
  • Big Bag sacks for collecting pruning waste.


Artificial grass tapes


Installations and machinery

  • Reflective tapes for agricultural vehicles and machinery: trucks, trailers, tractors, etc.
  • Anti-slip tapes, in areas such as stairs and ramps.
  • Tapes for area delineation and floor marking.


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