Perimeter Beacon Tapes

Beacon tapes, also known as perimeter marking tapes, are used to delimit areas, signal dangers or prohibit access to specific areas.

The beacon tape is the simplest and most economical way to delimit areas, guarantee security and advertise, since the tapes are customizable with the logo of your company or with the event to be covered.

The beacon tapes are made of polyethylene, and are fully customizable, since they can be printed in various colors and on one or both sides depending on your needs. We also have standard ribbons, in two-tone white/red available in our online store.

These would be some of the usual uses:

  • Beaconing in civil works, work areas, etc.
  • Car use, in traffic accidents, etc.
  • Sporting events: athletics races, cycling, mountain biking (MTB), motorcycling, mountain marches, motor racing, rallies, etc.
  • Ribbons for town halls: cultural events, local festivals, etc.
  • Custom ribbons for companies.
  • Tapes for State Security Forces and Corps: Local Police, Civil Protection, Army, Military Police, Civil Guard, Mossos d’Escuadra, Firefighters, Rescue, etc.


Standard Beacon Tapes

They are highly visible, resistant and flexible tapes and are recommended for general signaling uses. Available in two-tone white/red stripes.

They delimit danger zones quickly and economically. They can also be used in different events (cultural, sporting…), public or private works, etc.

Personalized beacon tapes: Town halls, social events & sports

For any event where the delimitation of areas is necessary, this type of tape can be used. This includes social and sporting events, or the Town Halls themselves to mark areas where access is not possible, signaling routes, blocking streets, etc.

Custom beacon tapes are an economical and quick to use solution. In addition, they can be personalized with the organizers’ logos, shields, symbols or texts, messages or advertising sponsors, and they can be printed in full color on one or both sides, and with different gauges and different widths and footage according to the client’s needs.

These beacon tapes are indicated for any type of event: concerts, processions, municipal uses, motorcycling races, athletics, cycling, or any other type of competition or championship.


Marking tapes for Police

The tapes for State Security Forces and Corps are similar to the previous ones. In this case, they are essential to restrict dangerous or safe areas, signal areas in emergencies or accidents, etc… They are usually known as “No Trespassing” tapes.

They are indicated for use by any security body: Local Police, Civil Protection, Army, Military Police, Civil Guard, Mossos d’Escuadra, Fire Department, Rescue, etc, as well as by private security companies.

Danger or warning beacon tapes

These beacon tapes are also similar to the previous ones, but in this case they are used to warn of real danger areas, such as spills, radioactivity, toxic waste, infectious areas, etc.
They are essential in controlling access to potentially dangerous areas.


At SOLBI MURAL we offer you various solutions for perimeter marking tapes. Ask us about the customization your business needs. We will be delighted to assist you!

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