Butyl adhesive tapes are ideal for sealing and waterproofing tasks due to its high UV resistance.

It is composed of a synthetic rubber resin between 0.6mm and 2mm thick.

This makes it highly adaptable to all types of surfaces.

It is a clean, cold-applied product with excellent sealing properties. Butilband can be supplied cut into rolls in the specified width.

Butyl mastics are used in many sectors due to their versatility.

Specifically, the product is available in various presentations:

It is impervious to water, moisture and dust.

In any case, it is only necessary to ensure that the surfaces are clean and dry before applying the butyl adhesive joint. Similarly, in situations where the temperature is very low, it is advisable to wipe off the moisture with a cloth to avoid possible condensation between the butyl resin and the substrate.

Properties Butyl Adhesive Tapes

  • Non-degradable.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • High resistance to temperature changes.
  • Temperature resistance: -30ºC to +80ºC
  • Fire classification M1.

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