Double sided tapes for carpets. In the world of trade fairs and events there are different types of carpet tapes. Depending on the type of work to be carried out with the carpet tape, we can choose between:

Carpet tapes with fixed or non-removable adhesive.

  • Polypropylene double-sided adhesive tape. “basic”
    • Backing: 90 micron polypropylene film.
    • Suitable for smooth surfaces.
    • Permanent carpet gluing.
    • It usually leaves adhesive residue when removed.
  • Double-sided carpet tapes made of polyester fabric “asphalt / high tack”.
    • 150 micron white PET film.
    • Suitable for uneven surfaces.
    • It can be cut manually.

Carpet tapes with removable adhesive, NO REMOVABLE ADHESIVES

  • Double-sided PE adhesive tape “fairs”.
    • 150 micron polyethylene film backing.
    • Suitable for temporary installation of exhibition carpet.
    • Removable external adhesive. Fixed internal adhesive.
    • After a few days it can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue.
  • Double-sided adhesive fabric tape “Trade fairs. High range”.
    • 320 micron cotton fabric
    • Suitable for temporary installation of exhibition carpet.
    • Higher quality, removable adhesive with longer setting time.
    • Recommended for high traffic trade fair events.

FR-approved double-sided adhesive tape

This self-extinguishing adhesive tape is indispensable for gluing carpets on ships, trains and aeroplanes.

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