Laser engraved labels combine the security of metal plates with the flexibility of thermo-printing in one product.

They are made of a material based on two different coloured films overlapped with an acrylic adhesive that adheres the label permanently to the surfaces.

Any attempt at tampering destroys the label, making it inviolable.

The laser beam rapidly removes the former to leave the latter visible, in a non-reversible process. The variety of colours allows adaptation to your products.


Features of our laser engraved labels

  • High engraving speed
  • High contrast
  • Extremely robust
  • Work adjusted to the application
  • Material tamper-proof due to UV engraving/marking
  • They are applicable on most polar and non-polar surfaces.
  • Highly professional finish giving added value to your products.
  • Ideal for permanent marking
  • Possibility of individualisation of each label, numerical series.
  • Any manipulation of the laser labels is easily detectable and prevents fraudulent use.

Advantages of the LASER engraved label

Compared to other systems, these are the advantages of laser labels.

  1. Advantages compared to metal plates Very economical for small and large quantities Suitable for use on many surfaces. Possibility of using different sizes in a very simple way. No need to store pre-punched plates Saves time and money as no riveting or screwing is required.
  2. Thermo-printing Tamper-proof material. High resistance to temperature, abrasion and chemicals High quality barcode printing.
  3. Indelebles They cannot be deleted. Resistance to UV rays and chemical agents.
  4. Inviolables. They cannot be counterfeited. If you try to peel it off, it crumbles.
  5. Self-extinguishing. Resistance up to 300ºC.
  6. Numerous. Allows serial numbers and barcodes to be made.

Contact us for the pre-customisation of your laser label.

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