The variety of waterproof fabric adhesive tapes is very varied, and we can find from the most basic American tapes for general use, to the most technical ones.

The plasticised fabric tape consists of a PET fabric coated with PE and natural rubber adhesive.

From here we will find the different variations that will allow us to find our most suitable fabric tape; different thicknesses, types of adhesive, colours, widths, temperatures, or level of demand.

They are highly adhesive even on rough surfaces, have excellent tensile strength, can be written on, are highly conformable, and are easy to use and easy to apply.

Premium fabric tapes

They have a thicker backing due to their higher weft density and better plasticising.

They are intended for more demanding applications where resistance to temperature, solvents, high friction, and ultra violet rays is required.

Available in various colours.

Medium range fabric tapes

It is an intermediate quality that can be used for a multitude of tasks.

Good UV resistance and matt anti-reflective surface finish.

Available in various colours.

Basic woven tape, American for general purpose use

It is a multi-purpose tape suitable for sticking on all types of surfaces thanks to its high tack. Available in grey or black.

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