Film for Mosaic Tiles of ceramic and glass tiles.

Dear customers and friends, we have a novelty at your disposal.

This is our new Film for Mosaic Tiles for the manufacture of both ceramic and glass tiles. It is a transparent adhesive film for applications on mosaic tiles for floors and walls during the manufacture of mosaic-type tiles (known as gresite), both ceramic and glass.

With the placement of this adhesive film, there is a very significant reduction in tile placement times on floor and wall tiles, thanks to the protection it generates, and the total transparency of the film, which facilitates assembly and selection of the tiles. mosaic tiles by the installer.

In addition, the cumbersome wetting phase, necessary to remove the paper from the visible side of the tokens in traditional methods, is eliminated.

The back of the tiles will be completely free, in order to adhere 100% to the surface to be covered.

Its ventilated design cuts mosaic drying time in half once installed, regardless of the glue being used, even if it is a special formulation, or something as common as cement.

Our film for mosaic tiles provides protection and flexibility. Using this new product produces a perfect and clean peeling process without any adhesive residue left on the tiles.

In addition, your line of mosaics can be customized with your logo on the film, thus enhancing your company’s brand image.


Benefits during installation

  • This film gives you the possibility to replace damaged or crooked tiles
  • Sharp angles and difficult surfaces are no longer a problem. With our mosaic film, any tile will adapt to any rounded or curved surface, making installation much easier and faster.
  • Just 30 minutes after tile installation, the film can be easily removed leaving the tile surface absolutely clean and without adhesive residue on it.

Benefits during production

  • Easy to detect and replace all damaged tiles at any time during production.
  • Easy detection of damaged tiles during quality control.
  • Thanks to its unique adhesive, once our film is applied to the mosaics, the product is ready to be packaged and shipped immediately.
  • This protective film makes laying and installing tiles extremely easy. It is completely transparent so the installer can easily match grout joints and align the tile.
  • The film’s adhesive is strong enough to hold the tiles together during the production, shipping and installation processes.

Factory application:

  1. Make sure the application surface is dry and clean.
  2. Apply the film even manually by exerting a little pressure on the entire surface of the tiles.
  3. After a few moments, lift the two edges of both ends of the tile. You will see that the tiles are fully contained
  4. Mount the tile and wait for the necessary time for the fixing glue to set, after approximately 30 minutes remove the film. The entire application will be very easy and effective.

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