Floor signage tapes

Our floor signage tapes allow us to clearly and visibly mark our facilities, in transit areas and corridors, storage areas, workplaces, and also to maintain the safety distance and social distancing in public service areas. In addition, with our applicator trolley the way and speed of tape placement is facilitated.

We have available adhesive tapes of various qualities and prices depending on the requirements of each client:

  • Permanent zone marking: 3M 471, 3M 5700, and TESA 4169.
  • Indoor and temporary zone marking: 3M 764, 3M 766i, 3M 767i, TESAFLEX 60760, TESA 58263 (social distancing).
  • High performance floor marking, when extra resistance is needed: 3M 971 (high resistance to abrasion and chemicals) and 3M 5702 (hazardous areas requiring chemical or solvent resistance)
  • Cheaper tapes, available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, as well as two-tone striping (yellow/black, red/white and green/white)

Suggested uses for floor signage tapes

All of these tapes are perfect for use in a multitude of situations, including:

  • Retail commerce
  • Pharmacy
  • Warehouses
  • General industry
  • Bars and restaurants: takeaway food collection areas, mark a safety distance at tables and chairs
  • Delimit areas of use in gyms
  • Mark queues at supermarket checkouts, payment areas, etc.
  • In general, its use is recommended in all those companies and official bodies that have to guarantee a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters between users and workers.

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From SOLBI-MURAL we offer you a wide catalog of tapes for marking and delimiting floors. Ask us your questions about which one is best for your needs. We are at your service!


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