Repair tapes for agriculture and greenhouses. We offer you a wide variety of greenhouse tapes for use in agriculture in general, as well as in greenhouse construction and repairs in particular.

Polyethylene greenhouse tape with modified acrylic adhesive, specially designed for the repair and assembly of greenhouses.

It offers excellent UV and weathering performance.

The thickness of the repair tapes are 180 microns, and its colour is transparent. It is also available in white or black, the latter used for the bonding of plastic waterproofing on water reservoirs, also known as black reservoir tape.

To apply it correctly, it must be applied both inside and outside the greenhouse, and the surfaces must be cleaned beforehand. In this way we ensure the best resistance during the growing season.

Greenhouse repair tape is available in different sizes, the most common being 100, 150 and 200mm.

Anti-caloric foam adhesive tape. This is a polyethylene foam weatherseal in 3mm thickness and 30mm width.

This adhesive foam serves to insulate and protect the plastic from the high temperatures to which it is subjected by contact with the metal arches of the structure.

The heat-resistant adhesive repair tape can be exposed to outdoor conditions for years and has a maximum operating temperature of 90°C.


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