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We present the 3M™ Novec™ 649 Special Fluid, heat transfer liquid, available in a small 1 liter container, perfect for individuals and small businesses. We have a more accessible and economical alternative, Refrisol-THM, a cooling fluid for heat transfer and dielectric testing.

3M Novec Specialty Fluids are versatile, non-flammable fluids used in a variety of critical industrial applications.

Due to their excellent dielectric properties and wide boiling point range, these fluids have excellent material compatibility and thermal stability.

Among other applications, the most outstanding of these fluids are:

  • Solvent cleaning and steam degreasing
  • Thermal control
  • Immersion cooling for data centers
  • Immersion cooling for power electronics


Novec specialty fluids have been designed to provide safe and sustainable high performance cooling for semiconductor, aerospace, electronic component and other applications where heat transfer is involved. They are especially effective for Overclocking (modification of computer components to increase their processing speed), since these types of computers tend to get very hot, since they work at a very high computing rate.

Data centers generate enormous amounts of heat and consume a great deal of electricity simply trying to keep servers cool. Immersion cooling, where electronics are directly submerged in a non-conductive liquid, simplifies data center cooling, saves space and can reduce energy costs by up to 97%.


3M™ Novec™ Heat Transfer Liquid Properties 649

Specifically, the product that we bring to you on this occasion, 3M™ Novec™ 649 Special Fluid, is an advanced heat transfer fluid useful in absorbing heat, particularly when non-flammability or environmental factors are considered.

3M™ Novec™ Specialty Fluid 649 is a clear, odorless fluid.

It belongs to the 3M product line designed as a substitute for substances that deplete the ozone layer and compounds with high global warming potential (GWP). It has a very low global warming potential, does not destroy the ozone layer, has a large safety margin during use, has low viscosity and high molecular weight, as well as a low pour point.

This product is beginning to be considered essential both for Bitcoin miners, companies with their own servers, as well as for influencers, gamers, overclockers, and other people who use their computer equipment at a high level, since they require a level of cooling for their optimal equipment.


Characteristics of the Refrisol-THM Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Chemical and thermal stability, allowing long-term repeated use.
  • Very low toxicity.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Transparent colour.
  • Low density and kinetic viscosity, favouring heat transfer.
  • High electrical insulation capacity.
  • Use in a wide range of metals, elastomers and plastics.
  • Very low ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP).
  • Application over a wide temperature range, from -108 °C to 169 °C.
  • Available in 8 kg, 35 kg and 255 kg drums.
  • Contains no REACH substances.


Immersion cooling

According to 3M, two-stage immersion cooling is extremely efficient (many times more than air or even water) and can enable up to 95% lower energy cooling costs compared to conventional air cooling.

Two-stage immersion cooling systems leverage 3M Novec fluid in conjunction with a water-cooled condenser coil to immerse and cool high-end hardware.

Electronic components are immersed in a non-flammable, non-conductive fluid that has a very low boiling point of 41°C. In this case, heat sinks and fans are eliminated, allowing direct contact between the fluid and the chips. When the hardware is in use, heat is transferred to the liquid which begins to boil from a liquid state to a vapor/gas state. The vapor rises to the surface and strikes a condenser coil (which can be cooled with water) which cools the gas until it turns back to a liquid and falls back into the tank.

Two phase immersion cooling works
Two phase immersion cooling works


Additional advantages of the Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Reduces the temperature of the device and extends its lifetime by cooling the most heat-sensitive components.
  • Deep cleaning of the device, which improves its overall performance.
  • Reduction of ambient noise, caused by conventional fans.

air conditioning cooling liquid

Novec™ 649 Specifications

  • Dielectric fluid
  • Power electronics cooling
  • Waste heat recovery
  Cleaning Capacity    Tasks of light difficulty
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  Compatibility with plastic elastomers    Excelent
  Degree of purity    Standard
  Overall length
  •  34,8 cm
  • 43,18 cm
  • 23,5 cm
  • 24,29 cm
  Dielectric strength range   >40 (kV)
  Maximum temperature range of use   300°C
  GWP range
   Very low
  Replacement of    HFC-123a
  Product series    Novec 649
  Fluorocarbon solubility
   Very high
  Hydrocarbon solubility    Baja
  • 10,78 L
  • 3,79 L
  • 1 L (special container)


On our Youtube channel you can find a video about heat transfer fluid and a video about its technical application.

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