Insulating tapes are available for both electrical and water leakage. In particular, we offer “standard” and “special” products in a wide range of colours and sizes.

PVC insulating tapes

Professional electrical tapes have a PVC backing (self-extinguishing) and rubber adhesive. These tapes are particularly suitable for insulation and marking due to their variety of thicknesses and colours. Excellent dielectric properties.

Self-amalgamating tape

The vulcanisable tape is made of ethyl polypropylene (EPR) with a high amalgamation capacity.

It has a high temperature resistance and is therefore very suitable for all types of applications requiring insulation.

Jointing, termination and repair of electrical power cables.

Specifically, its application includes:

  • Hermetic sealing of telecommunication cables.
  • Insulation, waterproofing, and protection of electrical components.
  • Corrosion protection of metal ducts and pipes.
  • Protection of seals against water in marine applications.

Extreme waterproofing tape

It is a PVC tape with high transparency and high adhesion.

It is moisture and water resistant, and provides a 100% hermetic seal.

Multi-application adhesive tape: ideal for a quick, easy and effective repair of truck tarpaulins, tents, awnings, pipes, inflatable pools, etc.

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