VOID security labels for delivery

Due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, food orders to take home (or “Take Away”) have increased to a great extent.

The “Delivery” sector, or home delivery, now offers alternatives for a wide variety of premium and higher quality food, thus covering a much greater variety of customers than in the pre-pandemic era.

On the other hand, restaurants find that they do not have their own delivery drivers, so they must outsource their services through well-known applications such as Glovo, Just Eat, Uber Eats, etc. But… how to guarantee safety in home food deliveries?

To do this, we have developed a variety of industry-specific VOID labels. These stickers would be placed on the packaging directly in the restaurant’s kitchen, and ensure that the contents of the package have not been opened until they reach the end customer.

VOID labels are non-transferable, and have the particularity that when they are separated from the surface, the adhesive reveals a text where the word VOID – OPEN appears, which is repeated several times, and this evidences a possible opening or tampering in the delivery of food.

With our VOID security labels, delivery boxes or bags can be closed, and restaurants can be

Standard and customised models

We have a standard model of a 50 mm x 19 mm rectangular label in yellow and in a roll of 500 units. In addition, they are fully customizable in various colors and sizes, and with the company logo, if required. You can also write over them for extra security.

They are made of polyester, and adhere to most packaging, as they have a tamper-evident adhesive. We recommend doing a prior test with each type of packaging in particular (paper or plastic bags, pizza boxes, sushi boxes, etc.) to ensure that it works correctly.

With our VOID – OPEN labels, restaurants that offer food at home will assure their customers that they comply with all hygiene protocols, thus offering extra security in their orders. From SOLBI MURAL we offer you several solutions of security VOID Labels for Delivery. Ask us about the customization your business needs. We will be delighted to assist you!


On our Youtube channel you can find an interesting video about the application of “VOID” seals and labels.

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