Lamination of materials with adhesive.

We want to introduce you to a new line of personalized products that we have at your disposal. It is lamination of different materials with adhesive.

This process greatly simplifies production processes, optimizes the task, and reduces handling and assembly costs.

We can laminate, adhesive and adapt almost any material according to the needs of each client, adding, if necessary, other properties that the main starting materials do not possess (for example, to reduce or absorb noise and vibrations, for thermal insulation, to provide greater resistance, etc.)

The most efficient way to laminate large surfaces is with tapes or adhesives, so that most of one surface is in contact with the other. This type of assembly is common in the transportation, household appliances, furniture and construction sectors.

A special mention deserves the laminate of floor and pavement coverings, and decorative panels for elevators, trains, buses, etc.

You can choose the materials to use: fixed or removable adhesives, films, foams, fabrics, paper, metal sheets… or any other that your project needs.


Main advantages of lamination with adhesives

  • The finished product is provided, thus simplifying production processes
  • Highly qualified operators are not necessary, due to the speed and simplicity of installation, which leads to lower personnel and time costs.
  • Projects adapted to each need, which reduces material waste (reduction of material costs)
  • It is not necessary to transport liquid adhesives to the assembly site, with all the advantages that this entails (we avoid transporting dangerous and flammable goods).
  • As there are no liquid adhesives, we avoid harmful gases and odors derived from their use.
  • Reduction in the weight of the final product, by avoiding mechanical fastenings (screws, plates, bolts…).
  • If any part has to be replaced due to breakage, maintenance, etc., it can be done easily and without work.
  • Perfect placement, without errors, air bubbles or wrinkles in the fabrics.
  • Enormous versatility. Almost any material can be glued, which opens up a wide range of possibilities for your projects.


Application Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Passenger transport (buses, metro, trams…)
  • Aerospace
  • Railway and naval
  • Construction
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Air conditioning
  • Industry in general


Do not hesitate to contact us to explore new applications and solutions that can optimize your Projects. At SOLBI MURAL we will be happy to help you!


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