Manipulated and die-cutting. For more customised solutions, we can tailor a wide range of adhesive tapes to your specific needs.

We can die-cut and manipulate any type of tape, presenting them in different ways, both in individual sheets and in rolls.

Therefore, if you need special sizes, such as square, circular or toric pieces, or any other design you may need, please contact us and we will propose the best option for you.

Most adhesive tapes can be handled and die-cut: foam, single-sided, double-sided, etc.


In summary, these would be the main modifications we can make to the adhesive tapes:

Cutting: Starting from bars, we can cut the product to the size you need, adapting to your production process. Therefore, we can custom make rolls of tape to suit your needs.

Printing: We can personalise most adhesive tapes, using 1 to 3 inks, giving your products or packaging a better image, advertising and presence. Use text, your brand or your logo to enhance your brand image.

Die-cut: The definitive solution; we adapt the adhesive tape completely to the area where it is to be placed. Single or roll performance; very useful for mass production.

Contact us to study the best product for your company.

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