Metal tapes. In this category we include tapes whose backing is made of different types of metal, such as aluminum or copper.



Aluminum adhesive tape consists of pure aluminum foil, available in various thicknesses; 30 microns, 40 microns, 50 microns, 70 microns, 100 microns and 150 microns.

The thickness chosen will depend on the need or use of the product.

Aluminum tape has a thickness that can vary depending on the need and/or use of the tape.

We can supply the tapes with aluminum backing in different lengths and widths as required.

Another new possibility we offer for these aluminum tapes is the personalization with your brand or contact information.

Some of the most common applications would be, for example, the sealing of refrigeration and air conditioning ducts, ventilation ducts, insulating panels (thermal insulation), etc.


Fiberglass-reinforced aluminum tape

It is very useful to increase the stability and resistance to the joint, as it offers a better breaking behavior against vibrations and small undulations.

These would be some of the most common applications of glass fiber reinforced aluminum tape:

  • Sealing of air conditioning ducts.
  • Sealing of insulating panels.
  • Sealing of tubes during galvanic bath processes.
  • Fire-resistant fastening in floor coverings and industrial bodywork.
  • Panel sealing in the aerospace industry.
  • Bonding and sealing in the manufacture of double glazing.
  • Sealing in high pressure steam pipelines.


Black aluminum tapes

It is an aluminum adhesive tape 30 microns thick, matt black lacquered, and presented with siliconized paper protection.

Black aluminum tape is mainly used in the audiovisual industry to prevent light from escaping from PAR projectors. It is also used for sealing air conditioning ducts in black, such as with Climaver NETO ducts, for sealing cooling and ventilation ducts in black, for fixing of conformal shapes on visors, etc.


Copper adhesive tape is composed of a copper foil and an acrylic adhesive with electrically conductive particles.

Its main properties are several, among them are:

  • Conductive adhesive that allows the electrical connection between the substrate and the copper support sheet.
  • Thin and flexible product.
  • Good resistance to heat and cold.
  • Supports welding.


  • Useful for electromagnetic shielding and protection against static charge.
  • Grounding conductor.
  • Connections in electronic circuits.
  • Stained glass assemblies and decorative Tiffany type lamps.
  • Assembly of Slot car racing tracks (Scalextric type).


In short, consult us for any metal strip you may need.



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