Nikkalite™ V23 Reflective Adhesive Tape, ECE104 Approved

Nikkalite™ V23 reflective tape is a retro-reflective adhesive tape for marking the outline of trucks and other transport vehicles.

These tapes delimit the side and rear contour of the vehicle bodywork increasing its perception in situations of lack of visibility.

Their main applications are reflective marking on transport vehicles, trucks, tarpaulins, but also tanks, trailers, etc., as well as other reflective marking applications.

Nikkalite™ is a self-adhesive retroreflective tape consisting of retroreflective microprisms attached to a flexible, UV-stabilized, weather-resistant polymeric film.

Available in white, red and yellow. The color and reflectivity are also compatible with ECE104, Class C regulations.



Flexible polymeric film.
Maximum view of the transport vehicle from all angles.
Excellent durability against weathering and aging.
High adaptability to different surfaces. Suitable for rigid vehicles, tanks, tarpaulins and trailers.
It consists of retroreflective microprisms.
Easy to apply.
Tapes approved according to UN/ECE 40/70 and 104 regulations.
ECE104 Class C approval.

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