Packaging tapes, or packaging seals, are mainly used to close boxes, and to prepare packages and parcels for transport and distribution, but they also have many other generic uses.

We have different types of seals, with different qualities of adhesives (hotmelt, rubber or acrylic) that can be supplied in different sizes and colours and substrates such as:

– Polypropylene, with rubber or acrylic adhesive.

PVC, with rubber adhesive (solvent)

– Polyolefin, with noise-free acrylic adhesive and high tack.

Kraft paper for high quality and environmentally friendly packaging.


You will find that we have a wide range of thicknesses and colours to ensure that your goods are perfectly packaged and arrive at their destination in good condition.



A wide variety of strapping tapes or adhesive straps are available to suit your needs.

Strapping tape is easy to apply and can be used for palletising, sealing coils, bundling, packing heavy packages and securing items in transport.

In order to decide which adhesive strap to buy, we must know exactly what function the product has to fulfil, and what your requirements are. These are some of the most commonly used reinforced tapes:

  • Standard orange or transparent adhesive strip. Good tensile strength. Suitable for palletising and stacking.
  • Soft adhesive strip in white. It has a removable adhesive that can be removed from the carton without damaging it. Good initial adhesion. Suitable for surface protection.
  • Blue adhesive strip. As it has a removable adhesive, it can be used directly on different surfaces without any adhesive residue. Used for securing and packaging during the transport of household appliances, furniture, metalwork, glass.
  • Glass fibre reinforced strapping. Adhesive tapes with longitudinal or transverse reinforcement have a very high tensile and tear strength. Glass fibre tape is used for strapping metal coils as well as for splicing.
  • Black adhesive strip. Very high tear and tear resistance. Suitable for continuous outdoor use.
Packaging tapes
Reinforced adhesive tapes


Sealing your products with a personalised adhesive tape helps you to improve your company’s image in the marketplace, while providing you with low-cost advertising.

Design your logo and we will manufacture custom printed packaging seals in various colours.

We can customise your printed sticky tape at a very reasonable price, and we start from very small quantities.

We can also print other types of tapes in addition to packaging tape, for example:

– Printed duct tape with your logo.

– Aluminium tape printed in 1 ink.

– Adhesive tapes with “very fragile” printing

– Adhesive tape with print “contains delivery note”.

– Metallised film printed in one colour.

– Printed fabric adhesive tape.

Packaging tapes
Printed seal
Packaging tapes
Custom printed tape


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