Printed and personalised VOID Seals and Labels

We have already presented our security seals and VOID labels on other occasions. Now we have as a novelty the possibility of making them printed and personalized.

You can individualize the security seal with your brand, message, logo or anything else you want to display. Remember that you can customize both the print on the top and the hidden message!

VOID tamper evident seals are completely different from regular packing tape. They can be used to close a box, but also act as an anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting measure.

They are perfect for securing your packages during all types of transport or storage. Our products are robust, reliable and efficient.

We can customize your labels with your company logo, sequential numbering and/or barcodes, for example.

The standard hidden opening telltale message on our labels is ‘OPEN VOID’, but it is also customizable. This means that in addition to taking advantage of their protective features, you can use labels as a marketing tool.

As for the seals, you can customize the color of the tape, the printing on the upper side (maximum 2 colors) and you can even customize the hidden message, for orders from 288 rolls.

Many customers have opted for this option to add even more value to their packaging or their supply chain.

Our VOID tamper evident seals and security labels are compatible with virtually any surface including glass, metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, and other materials.

Application industries include sectors such as transportation and logistics, government, military, police and banking, aviation and aviation security, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food, electronic goods protection and much more.


Which transfer best suits my application?

The anti-tamper material has three types of transfers. Each of them has been developed for different types of applications and supports.

Total transfer leaves a total residue. Leave a hidden telltale opening message on your paper and cardboard packages. Thanks to this, it is very often used to secure, for example, all your confidential documents, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and other products packed in paper and cardboard.

Partial transfer leaves a partial residue. It leaves a semi-sticky residue when opened and is resealable. Consequently, it is widely used in corona treated PE bags (min. 36 Dyn), glossy papers and high surface energy plastic packaging.

Zero transfer or no transfer leaves no residue. Leaves no residue on your product. Widely used on high energy surfaces such as glass and metal. Perfect for sealing, for example, vehicle doors, aircraft doors, train doors, electrical sheds, computers, laptops and smartphones.


On our Youtube channel you can find an interesting video about the application of ”VOID” seals and labels.

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