Silicone Foam Tapes

It is the widest range to date of new silicone foam tapes and sheets, with FDA approval (suitable for food use), fire retardant, and with UL94 approval.

As a man-made polymer, silicone is designed to provide a variety of benefits that more conventional elastomers and rubbers do not. It is easily compressible, obtaining good tightness with little pressure.

Silicone’s resistance to extreme temperatures means it outperforms and outlives most other elastomers. Where other rubbers crack, break or become brittle, silicone’s excellent resistance to UV, ozone and weather means it is the product of choice to solve these problems.

Our foams are suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in various formats and colors. Produced in 4 standard densities, as well as with an adhesive finish.

Manufactured specifically for demanding applications where the product must withstand extreme temperature conditions, foams are available capable of withstanding temperatures from -50C to +280C.

Some of our silicone sponges are perfect for applications that require a material capable of overcoming the risk of fire, being flame retardant. Independently tested and certified to UL94-V0 standards, it provides a reliable solution.


Applications of Silicone Foam Tapes:

Ideal for sheathing, covering, insulating, sealing and protecting against sources of heat and/or cold.

Its use is recommended from 60ºC due to the degradation suffered by other foams from this temperature

They adapt to any surface or irregular shape, reduce noise, vibrations and cushion shocks.


Application Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Building
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting and LEDs
  • Oil and gas
  • Railroad and mass transportation
  • Renewable energy
  • General industry



It is a closed cell silicone sponge that is suitable for FDA applications. It has been independently tested and meets the FDA extraction test (processing of aqueous feed and fatty feed), as required under CFR21 177.2600.

This product is especially suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where a soft compressible material with excellent thermal stability is required. Its most characteristic applications such as high and low temperature gaskets and seals, thermal insulation for both heat and cold, weather seals in external environments



We have a special product formulated specifically for the railway industry. Complies with EN45545-2. This sponge provides low smoke and low toxicity, and is well suited to a multitude of applications.



Extruded profiles and sections

We manufacture a wide range of silicone sponge profiles. Our standard sizes range from 2mm to 100mm.

In addition, we offer tailor-made solutions for your needs, since we can produce practically any shape or profile.

Extruded profiles on drawing from 25/50 meters, available in four ranges of hardness.

Extruded cord

With sizes from as small as 1mm strands to as large as 110mm beads, silicone sponge bead is perfect for many sealing applications across industries.

It can be supplied in coils, cut to specified lengths or manufactured into vulcanized rings. All extrusions are manufactured to tight tolerances, to order.

Extruded tubes

The cushioning properties of silicone sponge have made our tubes a popular choice for many applications, particularly ideal in applications such as printing, paper manufacturing and converting, flexo and industrial rollers.

Available with inner diameters from 2mm to 75mm as standard and outer diameters from 4mm to 100mm as standard. Larger tubes available on request. O-rings in any diameter.


Extruded profiles are suitable for sealing, vibration damping, thermal insulation, flexibility, weather resistance, noise reduction and extreme temperature applications.

The flexibility of the silicone sponge makes it succeed where many solid profiles could fail, which means a longer lifespan, decreasing the need for maintenance.

As additional options we have a self-adhesive backing, long cuts, and attached to rings or joints.



Silicone foam sheets are the product especially suited for demanding temperature applications that require a soft, compressible material commonly used in environmental, electrical, and automotive gasketing shields, and are the ideal choice for gasketing and sealing applications in a wide range of applications. variety of markets.

It is an elastomer designed for unmatched reliability in cushioning, sealing, vibration damping, and isolation. It offers excellent thermal stability to withstand temperature extremes from -50°C up to 250°C, UV and ozone resistance, and excellent compression set.

From 2 to 40 mm thick with and/or without adhesive. Available fire resistant quality UL 94VO & EN45.545, high temperature HT280ºC, and quality for FDA food contact.



In addition to foams, we also have silicone rubber film. It is a highly flexible and elastic material. With excellent mechanical properties, elasticity and 100% recovery after stress.

It is a transparent material like glass, with high permeability to gas and vapor but not to repellent water, with good dielectric and biocompatible properties. FDA compliant.

Temperature resistance: -45ºC and +200ºC


Protection, barrier, sealing, coating, membranes, waterproofing, masking, vacuum…

It can prevent sliding movement, since it is super-grip (non-slip). It can also be used as an insulating spacer sheet.

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