Tape for road markings is designed for quick marking on all types of roads. Stamark A380 tape can be installed during the paving operation to speed up the roadway commissioning process.

Conventional road markings made in-situ with liquid components, when mixed directly in the work area, can see their quality compromised and influence the quality of the final application. Stamark A380 tapes, created in the factory, offer consistent quality and reliability, regardless of the conditions where they are applied.

Main benefits

  • It is a high performance white pre-made pavement marking tape, specially developed for long-term applications on highways and other roads that require premium security and high marking durability.
  • It offers great day and night brightness, retro-reflectivity, slip resistance and long-lasting whiteness.
  • Unlike paint applications, the tape optimizes replacement cycles and reduces maintenance costs over the life of the road, while guiding drivers safely
  • Abrasion-resistant ceramic microspheres and anti-slip particles help improve visibility and safety conditions on the road, even when driving at night and in the rain. They are bonded in a highly durable polyurethane topcoat to create a tape that offers increased visibility and safety, even in the wet.
  • The tape is easy to handle and can be cut to length using a utility knife or mechanical cutter for symbols and legends.
  • Unlike road markings made with paint, pavement marking tapes optimize replacement cycles and save maintenance costs over the life of the road
  • They also provide time and cost savings, since, unlike road markings made with paint, 3M Pavement Marking Tapes can be applied during asphalting processes.
  • And what’s more, 3M Pavement Marking Tapes provide superior noise reduction compared to other types of road markings on the same road surface.
  • Approved by several independent testing institutes in Europe. Independent tests show that the A380 meets all the requirements of EN1436.


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