Flexographic Print Tapes

In the case of today’s printing systems, flexographic print tapes and adhesive solutions play a very important role in the different production processes such as flexography, offset or digital printing. Printers need perfect results, even when the speed of the production process is increased, so having a technical and specialised product available in these situations is of great importance.

The different printing systems such as letterpress, digital, screen printing, offset or rotogravure, need very high quality and specialised technical adhesive products. At SOLBI-MURAL we have a range of products suitable for the requirements of the best printers, and in the same way, we also cover the possible needs of printers and bookbinders, always with the highest quality finishes.

As we have already mentioned, flexographic printing requires highly technical adhesive products to ensure the highest quality printing on different types of substrates. Flexographic printers require the highest quality combined with perfect ribbon handling. A complicated print job (fine screens, precise barcodes, gradients and highlights, solid areas) must be executed with the highest quality on both paper and film.

This is made possible by the three foam hardnesses we offer. We have SoftPrint tapes for mounting and repositioning flexographic clichés with different levels of adhesion, tailored to the different mounting surfaces (on steel rollers or cylinders or on rigid sleeves) and to the different cliché thicknesses.

So let’s take a look at the products and adhesive tapes that we at SOLBI-MURAL have at your disposal for the flexographic sector.

Assembly of advertising objects in print shops

  • Gluing of folders, forms, displays, samples, paper bags, calendars and all kinds of small plastic or cardboard objects.
  • Double-sided adhesive drops.
  • Paper tape for gumming (gumming of books, chequebooks, etc.).
  • Velcro ® type fastening systems.
  • Printed and anonymous seals
  • Plastic-coated fabric tapes.
  • Double-sided tapes, for attaching photographs, labels, photomontages or posters on various surfaces, and for mounting graphic material at trade fairs and events.
  • Tapes – strapping for reels.

Printers and digital printing with tapes

  • Tapes for splicing printed tarpaulins and also for perimeter reinforcement.
  • Tape for gluing roll-up and roll-up.
  • Tapes of different densities.
  • Extra strong removable double-sided.
  • Extra strong PET for high temperatures.
  • Double-sided VHB acrylic foam tapes.
  • Multipurpose double sided foam tapes with acrylic adhesive.

Flexible packaging or label printers

  • Tapes of different densities
  • PRINT tapes of different thicknesses.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape with flap and spool winding, which allows a removable, permanent and inviolable closure.

Lithographic cellulose adhesive tapes

  • Non-actinic adhesive tapes designed for masking negatives. It has an adhesive that leaves no residue when removed.

Labelling and mounting of stands with flexographic tapes

  • High adhesion adhesive tapes (white or transparent) with high resistance to ageing and high temperatures.
  • Velcro ® and Dual Lock adhesive tapes.

Magnetic tapes

  • Magnetic adhesive tapes, for sticking objects to metal surfaces. They can be easily repositioned.

Flexographic print tapes

  • Tapes for cliché fixing in flexographic printing, with rigid or foam backings, and also with different possibilities in thickness, hardness and adhesion.
  • PRINT tapes of different thicknesses and rigid or foam backings, mainly used for mounting photopolymers in letterpress and flexographic printing.
  • CUSHION tapes, for flexographic printing, achieving high quality, even in long runs.

On our Youtube channel you can watch different videos of adhesive tape applications, we recommend Tesa® double-sided flexo tape.


If you need any tape or adhesive solution for graphic arts, please contact us. At SOLBI-MURAL we have several standardised solutions in our online shop, and we can study all your requests for more specialised products.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them!

Flexographic Print Tapes


Flexographic Print Tapes

Flexographic Print Tapes

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