Construction tapes for Passivhaus

The construction of “Passive Houses” or “Passivhaus” allows us to have a more efficient, more comfortable and healthier home.

Today the trend is to achieve buildings with almost zero consumption, passive buildings and net or positive balance. For this reason, they are breaking into the real estate market and self-builds more and more, but… What is a passive house?

Passivhaus is an international standard synonymous with efficient energy performance, as well as high-quality buildings, comfort and excellent energy efficiency.

In buildings built with the Passivhaus standard, the construction, insulation and ventilation are so efficient that they retain heat from the sun and from its occupants, so they require very little additional heating or cooling, becoming buildings with almost zero consumption. This would achieve the best possible energy classification: class A.


Disposable adhesive tapes

We now bring a range of adhesive tapes intended for construction in general, and in particular to achieve insulation standards for passive houses. It must be taken into account that all these tapes must be hidden under the finishing and finishing layers. Is about:


Adhesive tapes for passive houses

Reinforced yellow Kraft paper tape, with a high initial tack, which produces a perfect union between overlaps. Indicated for the hermetic adhesion of roof base layers and the hermetic union between all types of membranes or vapor barriers in the interior.

Green polyethylene tape with a highly adhesive strength acrylic, for external and internal use. It is a waterproofing tape against water, air, wind, steam and noise, achieving a hermetic seal at each interruption of the sheets in systems for roofs or walls. It is designed for joining membranes, vapor barriers and screens at overlap lines. Also to cover side surfaces of windows for decks, chimneys, vents, etc. It is also used for sealing joints in wooden walls, boards or precast panels.

Black polyethylene tape. It is the same tape as the previous one, but it has better behavior against UV rays, which makes it particularly suitable for external use on decks, roofs, and in areas with high solar radiation. Closed-cell foam tapes for waterproof sealing of nail and screw penetrations on waterproofing sheets on the exterior/interior of the home.

Also for placement as joints in doors and windows, thus achieving air and water tightness.


In this way, we present alternatives to products such as Tyvec for sale in the US, Rothoblaas in Italy, Rissan from SIGA in Switzerland, or Isover from Saint Gobain in France, bringing passive houses closer to our national market.


At SOLBI MURAL we remain committed to the environment. Ask us the best option for the construction of your passive house. We will be happy to answer your questions!


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