New Tape Tesa® 4559: Cross-Filament Tape

The new Tesa® Cross-Filament Tape 4559 is a tape of bi-directional fiberglass filaments laminated to a polyester film, optimal for strong performance

It offers reliable performance for a wide range of applications.

The tape is used for industrial bundling, palletizing and clamping applications.

Tesa® 4559 combines high longitudinal tensile strength with very low elongation. It is tear resistant, and has good impact resistance.

It has a high initial tack and a low drying time before reaching its final adhesive strength.

The synthetic rubber adhesive ensures a secure bond to various substrates.

Available in several dimensions. Ask us!


Main applications Tesa Cross-Filament Tape


  • Bundling and palletizing
  • Closing cardboard boxes
  • Transport security
  • Group
  • Coil closure
  • Fastening of loose goods

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Tesa fibreglass tape Tesa fibreglass tape

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