Tesa® 4621 multi-purpose fabric tape for outdoor use


Tesa® Outdoor multipurpose woven tape 4621, is a green pressure sensitive adhesive tape based on an acrylic adhesive and a polyethylene backing reinforced with a polyester fabric.

The tape can be cut effortlessly by hand in both vertical and horizontal directions.

It offers a smooth and curl-free unwinding when cut.

The outdoor tape is waterproof and weatherproof for up to 8 weeks, which means that no residue is left behind when removed.

The fabric reinforcement resists tool wear, ensuring the tape remains intact, which also offers hassle-free removal.

Green colour is easy to identify on various surfaces.

Tesa® 4621 has a high initial adhesion, yet can be easily repositioned. Its low thickness ensures maximum conformability.

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Main applications

  • Tape 4621 can be used for all kinds of outdoor purposes.
  • It is mainly used for masking paint areas in exteriors: for painting facades, covering floor markings, plastering, etc.
  • Fixing protective layers such as films, foils, carpets, etc., on construction sites.
  • Keeping protective layers such as plastic films and paper foils in place.
  • Can be used for holding signs, strapping cables or for temporary repairs Holding and bundling of wires, cables and loose objects.
  • Plus a variety of additional uses such as taping light-weight signs to walls and sealing boxes.


Benefits Tesa® multi-purpose outdoor tape

  • Increased safety as this tape can be easily cut by hand (both lengthwise and crosswise) so no cutting device is required.
  • Saves cleaning time during removal and leaves no residue outdoors for up to 8 weeks.
  • The weft of the tape protects it from wear and tear, ensuring an optimal end result
  • Weather, UV and water resistant
  • Green colour makes them easy to spot

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tesa® Multi-purpose outdoor tape tesa® Multi-purpose outdoor tape tesa® Multi-purpose outdoor tape


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