VELCRO® HI-GARDE tape is a stainless steel fastener with a low cycle life, suitable for outdoor and indoor conditions due to its corrosion resistance, and is sewable with steel wire.

This closure can withstand a maximum service temperature of 430ºC, with peaks of up to 800ºC for a maximum of 10 minutes.

HI-GARDE® VELCRO® Tape is ideal for extreme temperatures as it can significantly reduce the risk of damage to materials and minimize the time needed to replace expensive components.

This product is used in piping in facilities such as power plants, chemical, metallurgical, nuclear, blast furnace, and oil and gas plants, where the transportation of steam, chemicals, and other hazardous and high-temperature substances is required.

Additionally, manufacturers of airplanes, aerospace rockets, satellites, and transportation vehicles need to protect certain high-temperature components, such as engines, requiring the installation of high-temperature insulation that meets the standards of these industries.


The VELCRO® brand offers a variety of high temperature closures, made with materials specially designed for thermal insulation.

These closures include options that are resistant to fire, chemicals, solvents, and electricity.

If your job involves handling high temperatures, VELCRO® has a fastener that can resist the heat.


We have a HI-GARDE® tape test pack available in our online store that includes 10 cm of male tape and 10 cm of female tape, perfect for testing.


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