Velcro® Protective Shirts for Trees and Seedlings: A Sustainable Solution for Agriculture

In our online store, we offer a wide range of Velcro® Original Brand products.

Today, we want to highlight our Velcro® Protective Shirts for trees and seedlings, a product that is revolutionizing the agriculture sector.


Advantages of Velcro® Protective Shirts

These seedling and tree protectors are easily installed at any stage of the planting and growing process.

They offer protection against rodents, allow quick and easy access to the trunk for pruning and optimizing production, and are customizable in different heights.

In addition, they offer a better reaction to gales, protection against frost, and resistance to usual atmospheric conditions.

Our protective shirts also reduce the presence of snails compared to other protectors, protect from herbicides to prevent contamination, and are 100% recyclable and reusable.

It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.


Differences with Current Products on the Market

Our Velcro® protective shirts offer several advantages over current products on the market.

They prevent the appearance of fungi on the trunk due to the humidity caused by the use of plastic bags, they prevent the tree from being strangled when it grows, they allow you to see the buds that come out, they prevent snails from staying inside, and rabbits cannot skip them. Additionally, they are easier to use than rigid tubular protectors.


At SOLBI MURAL, we are proud to offer several Original Velcro® Brand products in our online store. If you have any questions about the best solution for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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