Velcro products for high temperature environments

Velcro for high temperatures. Industrial spaces such as oil rigs, power plants, chemical, metallurgical, oil and gas plants, machine rooms, and manufacturing plants, etc., rely heavily on high-temperature insulation materials to protect hundreds of meters of pipeline. with superheated fluids, steam, or chemicals.

To help support the materials that insulate these pipes, VELCRO® Brand Repositionable Fasteners include a family of products specifically designed with insulating materials vital in high-temperature environments.

Installing insulation is not always easy. Traditional hardware such as screws and nails open holes that are difficult to align and vulnerable to leaks, rust or corrosion. Also, when maintenance needs to upgrade, replace or troubleshoot, rigid fasteners are difficult to remove and can cause damage to valuable pipes.

Hook-and-loop fasteners for high temperature insulation materials solve weak spots and protect workers


Promoting security

Safety is another important factor when installing pipe insulation. The material must be easy to install, but without risk of falling during operation. Securely installed insulation will stabilize room temperatures and protect workers from leaks.

The VELCRO® Brand range of high temperature fasteners are made from materials designed specifically for thermal insulation materials. This includes options that are flame retardant, chemical and solvent resistant, and electrical. Whether you’re working in temperatures as low as around 180°C or as extreme as 800°C, there’s a VELCRO® Brand fastener that can handle the heat.

You can rely on these closures to create a secure seal around the pipe, but they’re also easy to open and close when maintenance is required to move and replace insulation. With no tools required, there is no risk of damage or injury to workers.

In addition to its use in large industries, this material offers solutions for different businesses, cable management, construction, footwear and clothing, and industry in general.

Many environments that include extreme temperatures, such as firefighting, oil and gas, and metalworking, workers must rely on materials that can withstand heat.

In installations where high temperatures and flames are a daily reality, VELCRO® Brand products include solutions that can withstand at least 426.6°C.





VELCRO® Brand HI-GARDE® tape can greatly reduce the risk of damaging materials and minimize additional time to replace costly components such as pipes in facilities such as power plants, chemical, metallurgical and oil and gas plants , where pipelines are required to transport steam, chemicals, and other high-temperature and hazardous substances.

Aerospace and transportation manufacturers also need to protect certain high-temperature components, such as engines, which requires the installation of high-temperature insulation that meets the standards of these industries.

HI GARDE tape is a stainless steel closure with a low life cycle, intended for outdoor and indoor conditions due to its resistance to corrosion, with a maximum service temperature of 430ºC (with peaks of up to 800ºC for a maximum of 10 minutes).



Flexible closures for high-temperature insulation that protects workers

When it’s time to go to work, firefighters, welders and plant workers must rely on suits and accessories to protect them and perform in dangerous circumstances.

Additionally, employers need this equipment to comply with Health and Safety regulations as well as Fire Protection Regulations.

HI-AIR® VELCRO® brand fasteners are sewable textile closures built to withstand a maximum service temperature of 190ºC (peaks of 260ºC maximum 5 minutes)

The flexibility and medium life cycle position this repositionable closure as an easy-to-use solution that also meets the standards and demands of handling hazardous materials, welding and fire.

Additionally, HOOKS 88, 89, 87S and LOOPS 1000, 1100 and 9000 are available in flame retardant versions.



VELCRO® Brand Fire Retardant Sew Tape is suitable for use in aeronautical applications (aviation, aircraft…), automotive applications, and other environments that require the use of flame retardant fasteners. We also offer self-adhesive flame retardant tapes.

VELCRO® Brand FR Hook & Loop is available in a wide range of widths and colors. Maximum service temperature 140ºC (peaks of 180ºC maximum 5 minutes)

Flame retardant Velcro is made from 100 percent nylon and has been post-treated with an added flame retardant to make it flame retardant. Flame Retardant Velcro is suitable for machine or hand sewing on almost any fabric or material.


At SOLBI MURAL we offer several solutions with Velcro high temperatures. Contact us if you have any questions about the best solution. We will be happy to respond to your needs!


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