Floor marking and delimitation tapes

We would like to introduce you to our catalogue of vinyl floor tapes.

These are tapes with a rubber adhesive combined with a vinyl backing. Their resistance to corrosion, abrasion and humidity, as well as their intense colour, make them ideal for identification applications, colour coding, delimitation of passage areas, danger signalling…


Various qualities and prices are available depending on customer requirements:

We can also offer you the trolley for quick and easy application of the vinyl floor tapes, perfect for the marking of passageways or danger zones in your company, as well as for the marking of sports halls.

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As you can see, SOLBI-MURAL offers a wide range of tapes for marking and delimitation of floors. Ask us about which one is best for your needs, we are at your disposal!

VINYL FLOOR TAPE Trolley Marking tape Floor marking tape

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