The zip lock bag is very useful for packaging food, frozen products, small parts, hardware, samples, clothing (swimwear, socks, etc.) and various accessories.

Thanks to its quality closure, you will be able to open and close our self-closing bags a large number of times. This will allow you to keep your products fresh and to keep them tidier.

In order to enhance your brand image, we can also offer you self-seal bags with your logo. This will make your product more recognisable and easier to remember.

Our self-seal zip bags are made of 100% virgin food grade polyethylene, according to EU 10/2011 standards.

Characteristics of our self-seal zip bags

We can also modify these features of our self-seal zip bags.

  • Hanger: bags with die-cut handle, or self-seal bags with hanger.
  • Thickness: different thicknesses to choose from in the case of customised bags.
  • Printing: from 1 to 5 inks.
  • Base: transparent or opaque to guarantee privacy.
  • Laminate: standard or antistatic.
  • Polyethylene: for food or industrial use.

Other bag types available

In addition to the self-closing zip bags, we have other bag models available, such as courier bags, polyethylene bags without zip, transparent polypropylene bags with reinforced flap, bags with euro hole punched, etc. All of them available in a wide range of sizes.

Ask us about your business needs, we have the bag you need.


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