Solbi Mural, committed to local sport.

Chess is a highly recommended game not only for children but also for adults. In fact, there are many studies that confirm that after a few months of training, chess can increase intelligence quotient, learning skills and improve concentration.

It is an ancient game played in all countries, which arouses passions and is the protagonist of great championships. Chess is also highly recommended in childhood, adulthood and old age, to keep the brain in shape, develop planning capacity, concentration and abstract thinking.

As we are convinced of the benefits of chess, and of supporting local events that are worthwhile, on this occasion Solbi Mural Adhesive Tapes has become sponsor of the II Villa de Alcantarilla Chess Tournament, which will be held on May 18, 2019 during the May Festival in the municipality of Alcantarilla, Murcia. The venue chosen for its realization is the Ethnological Museum of La Huerta, the same as in the last edition.

Players of any age and level, federated or not, distributed in various categories, may participate in the Tournament. Players will play according to the Swiss system of seven rounds.

We are convinced that chess should play a leading role in society, not only because of its direct benefits in the development of intellectual abilities, but also because, ultimately, it is a tool for life.

Chess is an elixir that prolongs life, it is a cult of wisdom and a song of virtue. (Anonymous)

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