Max Zorn is a Dutch urban artist, specialized in a very peculiar style called tape-art.

This great artist went out for a run every night through the streets of Asterdam when one fine day he noticed the lampposts that were on the streets. “They seemed to me like a great unused art gallery” So he was thinking about how to improve his appearance in a more artistic way.

After experimenting with different materials, he ended up choosing to use packing tape (brown seal).
His style is spectacular by the use of brown packing tape as a medium and cutting acrylic glass with a scalpel to create portraits.

Cut, paste, cut, paste and so on. Until the image appears. The works can be appreciated in all their splendor when the appropriate backlight is applied.

Max Zorn has worked on streetlights in Germany, the UK, Portugal, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

He currently makes commissioned pieces for museums and people interested in this peculiar art.

Both to see his works and to purchase them we can visit his official website http://www.maxzorn.com/

We can see the process of creating one of his paintings below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=20&v=iGqo7e-FN0s

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