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Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, which will be held from April 23 to 26, 2024 in Frankfurt am Main.

At this event, international exhibitors will present the entire spectrum of technical textiles, nonwovens, functional garment textiles and textile technologies.

Additionally, in parallel with Techtextil, Texprocess, the leading trade fair for the garment and textile processing industries, will take place.

Application areas

Technical textiles and nonwovens have incredible versatility. At Techtextil, all application areas come together. This is where automakers meet fashion designers and medical engineers meet industry specialists.

Some examples include:

  1. Technical textiles for architecture: Used in construction and design of structures.
  2. Automotive industry: Materials for vehicle interiors, upholstery, etc.
  3. Construction: Textiles used in the construction of buildings and structures.
  4. Clothing: Functional fabrics for high-performance clothing.
  5. Protection against risks: Materials resistant to fire, chemicals, etc.
  6. Aviation and aerospace: Textiles used in the aerospace industry.
  7. Medicine: Fabrics for medical applications and devices.
  8. Furniture industry: Materials for upholstery and furniture.
  9. Sports: Textiles for sports clothing and equipment.

Product groups

The product groups presented at Techtextil cover the entire value chain in the technical textiles, nonwovens and clothing sector.

  • Research, Development, Education, Consulting.
  • Technology and Processes: Production processes, finishing technology, machinery for fabric manufacturing, perforation, printing, etc.
  • Fibers and Threads: Artificial fibers, threads and monofilaments, glass fibers, yarns and fibers, metallic, mineral, natural threads and fibers, etc.
  • Fabrics, Woven Fabrics, Braids, Knitted Fabrics: Fabrics, fabrics, braids, knitted fabrics… made of synthetic fibers, glass fibers, natural fibers, synthetic fibers.
  • Nonwoven fabrics: Nonwoven fabrics made of synthetic fibers, glass fibers, natural fibers or other fibers.
  • Coated Textiles: Coated Textiles, Laminates, Canvas Fabrics, Awnings, Tent Fabrics, Synthetic Leather, etc.
  • Composites: Reinforcement textiles, composite textiles, fiber reinforced materials, textile sheet products for lamination with solids such as metal, plastic, glass.
  • Bondtec (Surface and Bonding Techniques): Adhesives, sealants and molding materials, lamination and coating materials, adhesive mixing and application equipment, robotic technology, surface treatment technologies.
  • Textiles for functional garments: New materials and finishes, membranes, wearable smart textiles (with electronics), textiles with medical/cosmetic qualities (cosmetotextiles), textiles for professional and protective clothing, for sports and active clothing, for coated clothing, etc

Our tapes for Techtextil Frankfurt 2024

These would be some of the adhesive tapes and interesting products for the sector that Solbi Mural offers:

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